Poster formatting guidelines

For posters presented online, please prepare a PDF version of the poster on a single page: the recommended size is A2 (~60 x 42 cm) size with font size 12 pt or A3 (42 x 29.7 cm) with font size 9 pt. This allows for the same amount of information as a (regular) A0 poster with font size 24 pt, while reducing file size. As the poster will be displayed on computer screens there is no effect on readability despite smaller poster and font size. Posters have to be submitted as a PDF file, please use web optimized settings if the software you use to create the PDF gives you the choice.

Uploading poster

Please send your poster to before the 10th of July 2022, 24:00 GMT. Please always include your name (first author if co-authored) in e-mails and file names. This way we can always correctly identify your poster. The file names should start with the following pattern: e-ICOC-2022_poster_< presenter's LASTNAME_Firstname> (where participants present more than one poster add an Arabic numeral after the first name). For example: e-ICOC-2022_poster_DARWIN_Charles2.


As soon as your poster is submitted it will be uploaded to the e-ICOC conference website and will be accessible to registered participants only, from the opening day of the conference until two weeks after the closing date of the event (15th August 2022). This should give participants sufficient time to download your poster prior to the individual poster sessions and formulate relevant questions which can be posted in a dedicated comments box at the bottom of each uploaded poster. Questions will be moderated by conference staff throughout the meeting.

Lightning talks

Poster presenters will be given the opportunity to disseminate their research in a 4-min talk during which they present a maximum of 3–4 slides, summarizing the highlights of their poster(s). Time will be allocated within the 4-min lightning talk slot for a single question only. Additional questions will be deferred to the 20-min Q&A slot after each lightning talk session. We strongly encourage young researchers to take this opportunity to present their research at an international platform – it is less daunting than giving a regular oral presentation and presents the right set of circumstances to develop one’s presentation skills. This will also enhance the visibility of your research and your own visibility.

It is crucial that poster presenters are present during their session to answer questions from the audience, whether or not they decide to present a lightning talk.